• Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

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  • Asia’s Ailing Heritage: VR video experience

    Asia’s Ailing Heritage is China Daily’s first Virtual Reality (VR) interactive project. Using stare triggers, viewers get to experience five Asian heritage sites currently under threat – whether due to neglect, urban encroachment, or through natural forces – through a personal story. We had the pleasure of talking with the … Continue reading

  • Our Experience In The Creation Of Virtual Reality Games

    Virtual reality games have become a powerful new industry for entertainment and fun for users of all ages. The player base is large and it’s increasing day after day.
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  • 3 Advantages Of Virtual Reality For Companies

    There’s a number of reasons why virtual reality (VR) has become a trend for innovative companies in the last few years, because it’s an effective tool with applications for medicine, technology and many other fields, it can be used in military training programmes, to make prototypes for new vehicles, create … Continue reading

  • 360 Videos & Marketing: A Promising Combination

    Everything seems to point out that 360 videos are going to become a key for enterprise marketing thanks to its potential to convey messages and trigger emotions in a whole new way.
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