Is Your Real State Agency Offering Virtual Tours Yet?

In the last few years we’ve seen how virtual tours have increased their presence in all kind of websites, even becoming an essential section in all kinds of websites, from football teams, to concert halls or entire towns that can be visited thanks to virtual tours. It’s because virtual tours are a wonderful marketing tool offering many benefits that users love and get hooked to.

The main benefit is interactivity; making possible that the users move around however they like, only using the mouse, mobile phone or virtual headsets, these experiences make the users feel they are actually there and they can choose what they want to see in every moment. But this connection between virtual visits and the real state sector brings other perks that indicate a bright future.


The possibility to do all kind of things from wherever you are is one of the big perks of the Internet, but virtual tours go a step beyond that, allowing the user to really “be” somewhere else without actually moving. This, even if it sounds obvious, is a real revolution because with just a screen and hands the users can see a distant place as if they were there and move around as they would in reality.


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In a sector with a lot of competition, making your real state available online through virtual tours will set you apart from the competition, and will add value to your business. Our potential clients don’t want to waste their time, so if they have a tool available that will let them visit our property and see beforehand that it looks good, they will feel compelled to visit it instead of going to a place they don’t know much about, so they don’t waste their time going blindly to that place.

So virtual tours definitely allow both to real state agencies and clients, to save time in the process of buying and selling real state.

In addition, clients can get a better picture of how the house they’re interested in really looks in order to have real expectations so that when they visit the place they are more likely to seal the deal. This is very useful to select or discard your choices.


Another perk of virtual visits in the real state business is the ability to chance the surroundings with one click. If we want to see how the room will look if you paint the walls blue, or where a particular object will look better, you don’t have to imagine it anymore (some people struggle with this), you can just overlap the image and see a more direct result.


You can do the same to plan house improvements to make the property more appealing to your tastes.


There are tools that let you complement the tour with other information that can also be useful to the user; for instance you can do virtual tours that also show the surrounding areas, showing the different stores and services that you’d have near you.

This means we are not only seeing the house we want to buy, we can also see the surrounding neighborhood, schools, stores, restaurants and whatever we feel it’s relevant, factors that could be crucial when making decisions.

As we’ve mentioned virtual tours tend to be the most visited sections in pretty much any website, and in the real state business this is something crucial. Besides with the advance of virtual technology we are seeing many problems being solved, such as low quality images or videos that take too long loading, promising a better future for the tool.

On the other hand, in order to improve the user experience, some other applications are being introduced to ease the interaction between buyers and sellers: apps that let users make instant questions, game strategies to encourage virtual tours, implementation of VR technology, and much more; there’s infinite possibilities to make virtual tours a richer experience, and to improve them as a marketing tool.

If you’re interested in making a virtual tour and take advantage of all the perks they offer, don’t hesitate contacting us. We’ll show you all you can achieve and you’ll start getting the benefits this wonderful tool offers.