Our Experience In The Creation Of Virtual Reality Games

Virtual reality games have become a powerful new industry for entertainment and fun for users of all ages. The player base is large and it’s increasing day after day.

The immersion is deeper when users can feel they can take part in the action, their decisions count, and are key in the plot’s development.

Here at Superlumen, even though it’s not our speciality, we also want to make one of our dreams come true: creating a virtual reality game. We believe VR is a very powerful tool for story telling, because it allows the user to feel more involved in the action. The immersion is deeper when the users can feel they can take part in the action, their decisions count, and are key in the plot’s development.

When we started with Sanatorium we had to plan carefully how we were going to work. And we are going to show you our conclusions in this article.

BasicS for the creation of vr games

To be able to build a VR game from scratch, you need to make a detailed plan of each one of its elements. These are some of the stages for the creation of video games:

  • Planning the virtual game: Define the category and genre of the game, so we can define which elements and actions we are going to feature, such as sounds, shooting mechanics, gestures… It’s also important to establish if you want your game to fall in the category of educational games, if it’s aimed to children or adults…
  • Design: There needs to be planning for all the stages of the development of the game as well as the levels the user is going to play, the amount of players, the interaction, goals, RV experience and the sound fx.
  • Software y hardware: In order to develop RV games you need powerful machines. We knew it at Superlumen, and we have cutting edge equipment to work in VR and 360 video editing.
  • Work group: To develop a game you also need a good human team. You need developers, art designers, and video game designers to outline the levels and evolution of the development, you also need sound engineers, as well as people who take care of marketing and advertising. Sanatorium is a smaller scale game but even then we needed many people to create it.
  • Game plan: In here we see the stages of the game’s development with image, scenes, positions and objects that are going to be used in the game.

And the most important factor, we can’t leave that out: passion and excitement. When you make an indie game this is crucial. Developing Sanatorium was very difficult (marathon sessions, work at weekends…) but very rewarding.

If you want to try and test the beta version of Sanatorium do not hesitate to contact us on info@superlumen.se!

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