At Superlumen, we see VR as a new marketing channel, which keeps offline marketing relevant in the digital age. It makes it more interactive and VR campaigns are easier than you think! Customers now expect a seamless experience from physical to mobile and digital.


VR can help connect the dots in your marketng strategy merging traditional and digital marketing, shortening the path to purchase, driving brand engagement and can add measurability to your offline marketing activities.

360 Photography

Take your customers to any place in the world with 360 photography. It instantly allows you to capture an experience that a viewer would see if they were actually there.

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360 Video

360 deg. videos don’t only enable consumers to interact with a product, demonstrating how your product or service can bring benefits to your clients

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Immersive Experience

Beat your competition and engage with your audience in an innovative way,by getting your customers to enjoy your products and services using VR.

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Virtual Reality is constantly evolving and in Superlumen we only work with the leading brands .