Superlumen, a startup in times of COVID-19

A year ago the world situation was full of uncertainty, especially for companies or startups like us, with projects and illusions that we had to pause or cancel. However, what seemed an obstacle, ended up being an opportunity.

We managed to dedicate more time to our internal project – Desolatium – and participate digitally in forums, events and interviews, which opened the doors to new partners and investors.

Participation in investment programs and forums

Our participation in the IESE Business Angels Network event, a platform that acts as a link between startups and investors, allowed us to expose our project and attract the attention of investors.

Murcia Ban, a network of private investors in our Region, also gave us the opportunity to participate in their meeting between investors and entrepreneurs, betting on SUPERLUMEN as a startup with potential and global projection.

In addition, we were selected from among more than 1800 startups to be part of Lanzadera “the business accelerator promoted by Juan Roig”, a program located in Valencia that acts as an accelerator for innovative, feasible startups that have the potential to become profitable companies. The program has placed us in the middle of a business ecosystem full of opportunities.

We entered the Traction phase, incubation, where a total of 46 projects that have already launched their product or service on the market and have the first metrics – were selected As part of the program, we have received accompaniment and support to start increasing sales and becoming scalable.

Moreover, the program has placed us in the middle of a business and startup ecosystem full of opportunities.

Sharing our knowledge and introducing the work of the company has always been a key point for our evolution; for this reason, we were lucky enough to give interviews to El Referente (the leading information magazine on startups and innovation in Spain) or ACCESEO (Web development and online marketing agency), in which we talked about Virtual Reality, entrepreneurship and our internal project, Desolatium.

Funding campaigns for Desolatium

Behind every project, there is always a strategy. In the summer of 2020, in order to finance Desolatium, we focused on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, platforms with which, besides achieving our economic goal in less than 24 hours (ending the campaign with 377% overfunding), we managed to increase our community, not only in Spain but throughout the world (Europe, USA, Asia…).

Regional projects

With the aim of getting closer to the population of our region, the Murcia City Council trusted us last Christmas to carry out an immersive experience, organizing 360º virtual tours and two videogames with SUPERLUMEN, in order to have the opportunity to visit the most emblematic nativity scenes of Murcia and walk the streets and gardens of the city, enjoying the Christmas atmosphere from home.

We also made a live streaming of the lightning of the Christmas Tree for Virtual Reality, a milestone carried out for the first time in our region.

Thus, we want to highlight the flexibility of SUPERLUMEN in light of the challenges from last year caused by Covid 19. Despite the difficulties that arose, we have shown ourselves the adaptability of our startup, turning those obstacles into great opportunities.