Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

VR has become a huge hit in the last year and it is one of the most popular present this Christmas. With the huge market’s interest game developers all over the world decided to try and make their own VR versions of different sports games. Can you imagine driving rally, playing basketball or even hang out with friends playing game tables in a bar with VR on your head? Well, now you don’t have to imagine it, you can try it! Here is the list of 5 VR sports games for Oculus Rift you have to try:

NBA 2KVR Experience

Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

If you wanted to experience how the NBA stars feel in front of the crowded stadium, this is probably the closest you will get. Pretending that you are an NBA star isn’t hard when you are playing this game because it puts you right on the basketball court. When you start the game it offers you many short challenges you can play and some of them are 3-Point Shootout or Skills Challenge where you have to score as many times you can. You can also collect boosts in this game which can improve your accuracy, speed, and stamina. The best part is the fact that they look like Gatorade.


Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

Yes, I know that it sounds like a high school game, but it is as far from it as possible. You are a student in a soccer school and you are here to improve your soccer skills and graduate in Football Improvement Centre. The main goal of this game is to win 40 different levels where you have to learn how to score mostly with the head. J Challenges are getting harder and harder which means you will have to put a lot of effort to graduate. Also, not every challenge is a typical school challenge so prepare for everything.  There will be soccer balls, volleyballs, bombs, fire, water, explosions etc so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Good luck!

DiRT Rally

Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

What kind of VR Sports Games list would this be if it wouldn’t have at least one car game on it? The best experience you can get while playing rally game is a VR experience. Sit down in the car and start driving because this game will make you feel like you are on an actual rally. DiRT Rally is one of the most impressive VR games which takes you to every part of the world and shows you what it is like to drive rally in rain, mud, snow and in the woods. If you aren’t prepared for adrenaline rush then this game is not for you. The crash may be in the game but you will have a real feel in you, so try to avoid that scenario.

VR Sports Challenge

Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

Ice hockey, American football, basketball, slam dunk contests and much more are a part of this interesting CR Sports Challenge game. It is made for people who don’t have one favorite sport, but more. Every sport in the game will drag you in the center of the field where you must show your skills and what are you made from. So, no matter if you are playing on ice, grass or parquet, grab the ball and start scoring. A little bonus; during the ice hockey match you can actually start a fight.

Sports Bar

Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

Hanging out with friends in a bar has got a completely new meaning with this game. Yes, you can hang out at a virtual bar with your friends or you can meet new people in the same place. Grab yourself a beer and start enjoying. You can beat your friends in pool, air hockey, shuffleboard and much more table games. The only downside of this game is the fact that it doesn’t have foosball table. That is such a shame!

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