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Superlumen - Estudio VR Murcia

Hi, we are Superlumen!

We are a development studio from Murcia dedicated to the creation of experiences and videogames for Virtual Reality.

Our first project was Sanatorium, published on most VR platforms. Right now we are immersed in the development of our next VR adventure, Desolatium, with which we have won the Most Innovative Game Award of 2018 and finalist for best game of the year in the V Edition of the PlayStation Awards.

Slide 01. With our games we eliminate dizziness when playing in Virtual Reality.

They are comfortable for any type of audience!
VR Motion Sickness
Slide 02. Immersion in Virtual Reality is everything.

There are many ways to make this immersion to look broken, such as dizziness, unrealistic graphics, unbelievable sound ...

In our games we take great care of the immersion so the user feels inside them.
Full Inmersion
Slide 03. In Superlumen we are convinced that Virtual Reality is an ideal way to tell stories and that is why we are strongly committed to narrative games. Narrative Games Slide 04. Another fundamental aspect for the player to get into the story is the graphics.

In Virtual Reality, the more realistic they are, the better they are for immersion.

That's why in our games we use real images to get perfect results.
Realistic Graphics
Superlumen - Estudio VR Murcia
Superlumen - Estudio VR Murcia
Superlumen - Estudio VR Murcia
Superlumen - Estudio VR Murcia

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