SUPERLUMEN is leveling up: We’re part of SOEDESCO!

After a few chaotic months, we can finally give the big news: The Dutch Publisher SOEDESCO has bought us! Those who have brought us Kaze and the Wild Mask or Owlboy have seen something special in SUPERLUMEN and have totally acquired us: game and company.

Do you know about them?   

SOEDESCO is a Publisher that edits, develops and distributes games since 2002. They are from the Netherlands and have opened an office in Spain 5 months ago. They have in their portfolio, among their best known games, Owlboy, Truck Driver, Real Farm, Adam’s Venture, Among the Sleep or Wuppo.

SOEDESCO indie games
SOEDESCO indie games

Within their game strategy, they have 4 basic pillars: cozy, simulation, pixel and horror, the one that we entered with DESOLATIUM!

As you know, the Desolatium project was financed not only with the proceeds from our Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but also with external projects that allowed us to continue developing the video game. This caused a constant delay in the development and, therefore, in the publication date.

SUPERLUMEN + SOEDESCO How did it all come about?

A year ago, we began the search for a Publisher who would notice and trust Desolatium for its publication, but (surprise!) what began with an interest from SOEDESCO to publish the game, ended in an interest in the Superlumen studio itself. A good creative and development team, a good work environment, professionalism and a passion for video games: a perfect cocktail that made the Dutch Publisher want us on their team.


We strongly believe the acquisition of Superlumen to be a great long-term strategic decision. The studio has a talented and passionate development team, a strong brand identity and a lot of creative potential which we intend to leave uncompromised as we move forward. We’re looking forward to bringing new IPs and games to our audience in the coming years.”- Bernardo Hernández, General Manager of SOEDESCO Ibérica. 

After 6 years of developing virtual experiences for prominent Spanish brands, we have decided to focus more on developing our own IP. For us, this acquisition means we can do just that, without having to worry about non-development-related matters. This creates more peace of mind and headspace for creativity. We are eager to work and learn alongside our new colleagues and create the best possible video games for our audience.”  - Juan Cassinello, CEO of Superlumen. 

And what about DESOLATIUM?

This will of course imply changes, since from now on it will be SOEDESCO and the great team behind it who will guide us, setting new times and dates for both the development and the publication of Desolatium. And this can only bring good things: now that we are 100% focused on DESOLATIUM, without any extra project and with SOEDESCO in charge, we – SUPERLUMEN – promise (and we will keep it) the best DESOLATIUM for you.